Machine vision is fascinating because of its diversity of applications. Every project is individual and requires a very specific solution. So, we are keen on to get to know what you are heading for and what you want to solve or develop next. As a partner we like to discuss your application and how to find the optimal solution.

Machine Vision Makers is focusing on the development of customer specific machine vision software based on the image processing library HALCON. We both worked quite a while as developer and application engineer at MVTec and therefore, we know well how to get the optimum out of it. Because of the variety of implemented projects, we are covering all industries and applications, where machine vision is deployed. Our experience and know-how enable us to manage and implement your project at best quality and shortest possible time.

As a major strength HALCON is platform independent: it runs on Windows, Linux, macOS and on different processor architectures like Intel x86/x64 or ARM. Mainly, our job is the programming of HALCON modules. Additionally, we offer the integration on different platforms, like .NET/WPF on Windows or C++/Qt on Linux. Furthermore, we master modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) to build graphical user interfaces targeting ARM based embedded systems.

Our co-operation starts with your specification. Present us your technical and economical requirements. Generally, after the first phone call or web session we know already how to solve your application and what the costs roughly are.

As a machine vision company, it is important to know also hardware relevant aspects, because writing vision software gets more easy with good quality images. So, we advise you on camera, illumination and their configuration. We are focused on finding the best overall solution for your inspection system or automation machine.

Some customers want to take a big step forward. In this case it might be adequate to start with an evaluation study in order to assess the general approach, resulting quality and possible risks. An evaluation study encompasses a first prototype and a report, serving as a starting point of a realistic and promising project planning.

Usually, the core of a machine vision application consists of HALCON software modules. We take the right functionalities out of the wealth of HALCON tools and build appropriate testing frameworks around. We also care for a right set of images for automated testing.

Our normal delivery is HALCON script code. There are standard and easy ways to integrate this HALCON script code into your machine or application. We will be happy to help you also on the integration work.

We are not only HALCON experts but also good programmers in general. So, we can deliver also complete software solutions. Apart from the image processing part a complete application consists of a control flow and the integration of sensors and machine signals. Finally, we like to implement user friendly graphical interfaces.