About us

Independent machine vision expert focusing on HALCON services since 2015.

More than ten years of experience in development of and with HALCON.

Development of image processing algorithms, implementation of numerous HALCON scripts. Industry suitable C++ applications and integration in existing C++ and C#/VB.NET applications.

Experienced expert in cross platform development using C++/Qt. Qt Certified Developer and Qt Certified Specialist.

Development of web-frontends based on HTML5/Javascript technologies.

HALCON Extension Packages for tough speed requirements, optimized threading in HALCON, run-time optimizations (SIMD vector extensions SSE, AVX).

Study of theoretical physics at the Technical University of Munich.

Andreas Heindl

Over 20 years of experience in various functions in the machine vision domain including education, research, algorithm and application development and technical sales.

Positions in different companies as software developer, project manager and product manager.

Implementation of machine vision projects in all relevant sectors.

Using HALCON since 2004 and beeing an entrepreneur since 2013.

Lecture for optical measurement and image processing at Management Center Innsbruck.

PhD from University of Freiburg, reviewer IEEE PAMI.

Studies at Cambridge University, TU München, École Centrale Paris and RWTH Aachen, holding a diploma in electrical and electronical engineering (TUM) and a diploma in general engineering (ECP).

Dr. Stefan Rahmann